CLSA Committee Chairpersons

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ACEC Liaison ACSM/NSPS Board of Governors
Mike Hartley, Liaison
Armand Marois, Governor
BPELSG Liaison Budget & Finance Committee
Rob McMillan, Liaison
All members of the Executive Committee
Executive Board
Bylaws Committee Caltrans Liaison
Blake Torgersen, Chair
John Snee, Liaison
CEAC Liaison Conference Committee
Warren Smith
Bill Hofferber, Chair
CSRC Liaison Education Committee
Michael McGee, Liaison
Kathy Nitayangkul
Education Foundation Executive Committee
Bill Hofferber, Chair
All members of the Executive Committee
Executive Board
GIS Committee Legislative Committee
Ryan Hunsicker, Chair
Mike Butcher, Co-Chair
Greg Hopkins, Co-Chair
Membership Committee Monument Conservation Committee
Richard James, Chair
Ron Nelms, Chair
NCEES/POLC Nominating Committee
Howard Brunner, Representative
Roger Hanlin, Chair
OIT Liaison Past President's Council
Michael Pulley, Liaison
Roger Hanlin, Chair
Policy & Procedure Committee Professional Practices Committee
Keith Spencer, Chair
Evan Page, Chair
Publications - Cal Surveyor Publications - CLSA ENEWS
Landon Blake, Editor
CLSA Central Office
Public Awareness Committee QBS
David Paul Johnson, Chair
Mike Hartley, Chair
Scouting Merit Badge Trig-Star Program
Stephen Hughey, Chair
Kevin Hills, Chair
WFPS Workshop Committee

Raymond L. Mathe, Delegate

Rich Maher, Chair



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