$1000 Scholarship

Qualified Applicant(s) will be currently enrolled in an associate degree program in surveying, surveying engineering, geomatics, or geomatics engineering with the intent to attend an accredited surveying course baccalaureate program or pursue a career in the land surveying profession.

A preference will be given to those with a GPA of 3.0 for overall college classes and a preference will be given to those with a 3.0 for major course study.

Candidates will be selected by applying the following preferences as listed in order of importance:

  1. A student member of the Chapter in good standing. A student member in good standing will be as defined in current Chapter Bylaws.
  2. A current or former resident of Riverside County/Imperial County.
  3. A student who has demonstrated a desire to make a career in the surveying profession.
  4. A student who has demonstrated a financial need.
  5. A student who shows professionalism in the submittal of their scholarship application.
  6. If a candidate cannot be found to meet the criteria listed above, the Foundation will select someone as close to the criteria as possible.

Qualified Applicant will complete a Foundation application in accordance with current Foundation guidelines and timeframe.