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Member of the Year Award

The Member of the Year Award was created to recognize and honor an individual member of CLSA who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer service through his/her commitment, leadership, professionalism, and dedication in service to California Surveyors.

2020 -David Woolley
2018 -John Tosto
2017 -Armand Marois
2016 -Rich Maher
2015 -Ron Nelms
2013 -Keith Spencer
2012 -Anne Hoppe
2011 -Annette M. Lockhart & Jay Kay Seymour
2010 -Steven J. Martin
2008 -John C. Wilusz
2007 -Robert J. Reese
2006 -Thomas A. Taylor
2000 -Steven C. Wilson
1994 -Michael R. McGee
1993 -Thomas B. Mastin
1992 -Gary T. Leonard
1991 -Howard W. Brunner
1990 -Curtis M. Brown
1988 -Louis R. Hall

"Dorothy Calegari" Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Any member of the California Land Surveyors Association in good standing is eligible for nomination for the Distinguished Service Award. If a person has received a Distinguished Service Award, he or she is not eligible to receive the same award again.

2022 -Jay K. Seymour
2021 -J. Steven Parrish
2017 -Michael Butcher
2014 -Bill Hofferber
2013 -Harold B. Davis
2012 -John Wilusz
2011 -Patrick J. Tami
2010 -James M. Herrick
2009 -Robert C. Hart
2008 -Howard Brunner
2007 -Paul A. Cuomo
2006 -Carl C. deBaca
2004 -Phillip A. Danskin
1999 -Frank C. Demling
1994 -Susan A. Jensen
1993 -Harold B. Davis

Chapter of the Year Award

Chapter of the Year award will be presented to a Chapter that develops programs, provides services to its members, and promotes the goals and objectives of CLSA for the good of the profession.

2018 -Los Angeles Chapter
2017 -Orange County Chapter
2016 -Orange County Chapter
2015 -Central Valley Chapter
2013 -Central Valley Chapter
2012 -Sacramento Chapter
2011 -Riverside/San Bernardino Chapter
2010 -Sacramento Chapter
2008 -Sacramento Chapter
2007 -Los Angeles Chapter
2006 -Orange County Chapter

Chapter Newsletter of the Year Award

2021 -Central Valley Chapter
2018 -Central Valley Chapter
2017 -Orange County Chapter
2016 -Central Valley Chapter
2015 -Orange County Chapter
2014 -San Diego Chapter
2013 -Central Valley Chapter
2012 -Channel Islands Chapter
2011 -Central Valley Chapter
2010 -Riverside/San Bernardino Chapter
2008 -Sacramento Chapter
2006 -Orange County Chapter

Chapter Website of the Year Award

Technology and the internet play an important role in how Chapters manage resources and operations. The Chapter Website of the Year award recognizes the chapter that has most effectively used a website to inform members of chapter activities and promote the chapter, its activities, and CLSA during the year.

2017 -Orange County Chapter
2016 -East Bay Chapter
2014 -Central Valley
2012 -Central Valley
2011 -Sonoma County

Awards Received by CLSA

NSPS Journalism Award

2015 -Best Editorial
2014 -Best Magazine
2014 -Best Editorial
2013 -Best Magazine
2012 -Best Magazine
2011 -Best Magazine
2010 -Best Magazine
2009 -Best Magazine
2008 -Best Magazine
1992 -Best Magazine

NSPS Website Award

2013 -Best Website
2011 -Best Website

NSPS Affiliate of the Year

2011 -Affiliate of the Year