Trig Star Coordinators

Trig-Star Coordinators/Chapter Presidents

For more information, please contact Sherry Toutges, PLS, California State Trig-Star Coordinator


Participating in the Trig-Star program is a worthwhile and rewarding experience! Trig-Star helps to promote the profession and provides students, teachers, and counselors information on the practical application of mathematics. Starting and/or maintaining a Trig-Star program is easier than you think! With several resources available to help guide you through the process, your experience with the Trig-Star program can be rewarding and successful.
Download the Trig-Star information packet to learn more about the program, how it is run, expectations, and more!

When you are ready to start a program at your local high school, contact the California Trig-Star Coordinator to get more information, including current test or online test link:
The following resources are available for your use:


Reporting your Trig-Star results is important! This allows us to determine a State Winner who will go on to compete at the National level and allows all participants the opportunity to apply for future Trig-Star Scholarships. The Local Competition Report Form includes a checklist to submit to the State Trig-Star Coordinator.

For your high school winner to be considered for STATE, results MUST be submitted to the California Trig-Star Coordinator ( by MAY 1.

It is very important to recognize the winners of Trig-Star and you are encouraged to reach out to student and local newspapers to celebrate their success. The following resources will help you to draft a press release.