Trig Star Coordinators

Trig-Star Coordinators/Chapter Presidents

Each year, the CLSA Trig-Star program is a great success that helps to bring awareness of the land surveying profession to high school students, thier teachers and their families. I congratulate everyone for their involvement, great job! Once again CLSA has purchased a state license for the Trig-Star program, which allows each chapter to sign up any high school without having to pay the fee for each test package.

Utilizing the NSPS Trig-Star Committee time frame, the Level 1 (Chapter Area) exams should be completed and sent to me by: May 9th. The Winner and Runners-up for the State will be determined by comparing the scores and times for each high school top finishers. The State Winner will receive $1,000.00 plus a plaque. Second place will receive $500.00 and a plaque.

Most of you already know that this is a wonderful program, which allows local surveyors to interact with local high school students. The benefit that the students receives is not only important for their general knowledge about the surveying profession, but the possibility of a student's interest in a career in surveying.

Good luck to everyone, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have, I'm available anytime.

Best of Luck,
Kim Holtz, State Trig-Star Coordinator


Participating in the Trig-Star program is a worthwhile and rewarding experience! Trig-Star helps to promote the profession and provides students information on a practical application of mathmatics. Starting and/or maintaining a Trig-Star program is easier than you thinkg! We have developed several resources to help guide you through the process. You may wish to start by viewing this Getting Started Trig Star PowerPoint. Be sure to download these other resources and feel free to contact the CLSA Trig-Star Chair Kim Holtz


Reporting your Trig-Star results is important! This allows us to determine a state winner who will go on to compete at the national level. It is also important that reports are received in a consistent manner from each Chapter. To standardize reporting, we have developed two options. First, a PDF fill-in form. If you choose to use the PDF fill-in form, please complete a form for each high school tested. If several high schools in your area are participating, you may opt to use the excel spreadsheet which will allow you to report mutliple schools at once. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact the CLSA Trig-Star Chair Kim Holtz